I Dyed My Hair

I had an emotional crisis on Saturday. All my emotions piled up, and I could not handle it anymore. I have been locked in my house for 45 days now. The last memory I have of being outside my house was taking the SAT on March 14. What a great memory.

I miss my friends and classmates. I miss having long conversations or laughing in class. I miss having face-to-face conversations with all my friends. I miss having lunch with my class, while we eat in the gym (even though it is not permitted). I miss watching the boys from my class play basketball and fight because of the heat of the moment. What I don’t miss is having to go back to the first class after lunch and having to sit next to my classmates who are all sweaty. 

What got me more stressed was when a notification on my phone popped up. It read, “Friendship Games tomorrow!!” Immediately after I read that notification, I got really sad. All my high school plans, which were supposed to be the greatest days of my life, were ruined. At least it is not as bad for me as it is for the current seniors.

So, let’s go back to my emotional crisis. I was anxious and stressed at the same time. And I decided to dye my hair. And it is not just some random color: it is pink. The good thing is that the hair dye is temporary!


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