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I Left my House and encountered Policemen

Let me just start this story by saying that the park I went to is normally empty since my street is not busy and normally deserted. 

On Friday, I took my dog out for a walk to the park across the street. She was very eager to leave the house, and was barking all day, so I took her outside. I was sitting in the park, listening to music under a tree while my dog was also relaxing with me. It was very necessary to leave the house and get some sun and air. Then, out of nowhere, I see a man in a police uniform with a girl. My heart stopped because I was scared that they would apprehend me for being outside my house during quarantine and also because I am underaged. I hid behind the tree for like 5 minutes, and then I gave up and approached me asking if I had an ID, I said no. He looked at me and kind of analyzed what he should do. My heart was beating like 100 per hour. Then, he looked at the girl that was with him and told me “No te puedo decir nada porque vine acá con mi novia que no tiene permiso”. I proceeded to leave them alone and went down the street where I found a police car. Not again! I approached to say hello and started having a very pleasant conversation with them. They told me that they understand that being locked inside all day isn’t an easy task, and told them that they are very appreciated by the community since they make sure people don’t go out in big groups or go to busy streets when they aren’t supposed to. Anyway, I encountered policemen twice in one day and was very scared of what was going to happen.

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