Ideas For Your Next Art Piece

Tired of having boring paintings and want to try new techniques for your next art piece? Hope so! Because this happens to me around 70% of the time, this is why today I’ll be listing some awesome and creative ideas to try out! Let’s start off with the splattering technique, this technique consists of a messy yet good-looking technique. It creates a different texture effect that looks just like eye candy thanks to the amazing finishing result. And the best part is that this technique is quite simple, you just have to flick a brush onto your painting surface and ta-da!

The next idea I’ll be talking about is yarn art, sounds interesting right? Well, this technique takes lots of patience and time, but the final results are worth everything! The usual materials you need for this art piece are a canvas, glue, yarn, scissors, and a pencil to draw the outline. First, you have to be sure of what you want to draw. Once you have your idea clear, you have to draw it on the canvas. Once you’re done with this step, choose the colors you would like to occupy for this piece and grab a bowl to dip the yarn in this bowl which has the glue in it. Then, start forming the shapes with the yarn and repeat until finish. If it’s hard to form a shape, you can use a toothpick to help yourself attain the perfect shape. It’s quite messy and time-consuming, but I assure you that it is worth it! 


I hope you can use these two ideas in one of your next projects, especially the second idea. I’m sure there are a million other ideas but these two stole my heart. I have tried out both and I totally approve of these ideas as very fun and creative projects. PD: Art is a type of therapy, relaxing, fun and lovely!

Fiorella Rodriguez

Hey, I'm Fiorella Rodríguez, currently a sophomore at ACS Calvert. I really enjoy road tripping, hanging out with my friends, and playing golf in my free time!:)

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