Impact of Covid on athletes.



During the last few years, the world has faced different obstacles and situations. Among the most memorable was the COVID pandemic that for a good amount of time brought the world to a complete halt.  Well, from one moment to the next, it simply stopped everything. This was due to a pandemic that shook the world because no country was able to avoid it. 


This pandemic was caused by Covid-19, a kind of virus that directly affects the lungs, as a serious consequence of getting COVID is the inability to breathe. The lungs become inflamed making it almost impossible to breathe. another serious consequence of having had covid is that the lungs do not function at their maximum capacity. 


COVID can strongly affect people who do sports. Respiratory activity is found in every sport that any person can do. There are cases of soccer players who went through and unfortunately had severe consequences. In the first example, we have Sergio Kun Aguero, because due to a respiratory condition he was forced to quit soccer. There is also the Danish player Eriksen, who was on the verge of quitting soccer due to the same conditions, and in the last horrible situation we have Davies, a young player who likes the others has serious cardiovascular and respiratory problems. It is believed that this is due to all three players having had covid at the time.


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