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As Mr. Otis stated in the assembly of the first day of school, Imunite is not a word. We didn’t want to follow every other previous class and use a Greek word. We wanted the name that represents us to be different, like us.

Now, what does Imunite mean? As I said, it’s not a word, it’s actually two words. Imperfect and united. We know that we are imperfect, and that we have flaws. We have no shame in admitting that because everyone has flaws. We are united; as every class should be, we consider each other family. 

The beauty of Imunite is that we don’t like to brag about our presence. We know we’re here, and everyone knows that as well. We don’t see the purpose of claiming a stance of superiority because we’re not. And neither is anyone from the school. We also don’t need that validation, we’re confident and comfortable with ourselves. A tip for all the classes out there, don’t brag about your existence; we know you’re here, don’t worry. By the way, claiming superiority by making fun of others is often linked with toxic behavior, so be careful!!

Aryanna Morales

My name is Aryanna. I am a senior who loves writing. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is lentil saise. A word that would describe me would be creative.

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