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Influencers Helping with the Decadence of Society

Social media has such great power nowadays. Information can be shared in a fraction of a second. Such availability to a service, such as the internet, has given the rise of well known people, “influencers”. Since the beginning of time, wealthy and famous people had the power and the voice to make change in societies, their words and actions influenced ways of thought among others. Are these people working to propel society forward, or are they just trying to benefit themselves?

Us teenagers spend a big part of our time on social media, as we like, comment, and forward photos, videos and memes we find attractive. We don’t notice we are being brainwashed unconsciously. Whenever they post on instagram or other social media, we are the first ones that want to buy whatever they are promoting and advertising. Since we find these people in a higher social status due to their notoriety, we want to resemble them. If they have something, then everyone wants that same exact object to be cool like them. This has a very big influence on so many people, but more so on younger generations. That is where the problem starts.

Young people are the future of our generation, and will dictate how the world is going to move from now on forward. So, are these people with such power working to create a better society and future? The biggest influencers are sponsored by big companies and brands, resulting in a disparity between the starting ones vs the ones with more longevity, ranging in different exposure as well as their influence above others. This affects how this ecosystem works since the one with the most followers has more money, but at what price? As a result, whatever is more popular creates a bigger impact in society, but is it what is more popular necessarily more important? Is learning the latest Til Tok dances a priority vs understanding the problems the rest of society is facing? As they say, ignorance is bliss, but everyone has the power to change that situation. Remaining ignorant is a choice. 


The biggest influencers are the ones who promote products and distractions while a few people try to add real value to their experiences, which makes less important things more relevant to the general public. We are in times where we need positive influence and direction from these people since they have the power to change young minds and create a shift for a better future. Influencers need to acknowledge the responsibility they have with their power and their voice to make the best out of things, make people think for themselves and promote positivity and awareness.

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