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Living a life as an influencer in a chaotic place like LA is an extremely difficult task. Although it may seem like rainbows and colors from the outside, on the inside, it’s a completely different world. Many influencers struggle with mental illnesses, such as body dysmorphia, anxiety, and much more. LA is such a tumultuous place, it changes so many people’s lives. You can find tons of influencers just around the corner. Their lives, however, go much deeper than that. 

I can’t really get into depth about the lives of influencers if you don’t even know who I’m talking about, so let’s start off by naming some of the most influential and popular influencers of this year. If we were talking about celebrities, I would have mentioned Kylie Jenner by now, however, influencers are a bit different from them. Some of the most famous influencers come from the app TikTok. These include Charli and Dixie D’amelio, Addison Rae, Bryce Hall, and Josh Richards. All these influencers became relevant since the pandemic started, and have continued to grow since then. Even though there are many more of these creators out there, all the people listed above have been the most talked about. 

First off, I will start off by talking about all the privileges of being an influencer, especially in Los Angeles. We all know that Los Angeles is the main place for movie shootings and the rise of millions of stars. All these stars moved to LA the second they started gaining fame so their popularity would grow even bigger. Addison Rae, for example, starred in a movie on Netflix, called “He’s All That”. Another example is Charli D’amelio, who participated in a Super Bowl commercial and now has her own podcast on Spotify. Similar to her, her sister Dixie is now a well-known singer who has made songs with artists like Liam Payne. Bryce Hall has also become a household name, making his own energy drink that now sells in many stores. Many other influencers have made great deals just like these ones and their popularity has grown ever since. 

As I said earlier, not everything is as great as it seems. With all the fame come many issues, physically and mentally. Work overloads these poor teenagers and often leaves them drained. And it’s not only that, but they also get severe mental issues. Most of these influencers deal with anxiety, from all the paparazzi that attack them in the streets of LA. With their huge platform also comes many critics and harsh words, which can lead to depression and eating disorders. Keep in mind all these influencers are still in their teens and have not decided what to do with the rest of their lives, they’re already expected to act like adults. They have so much weight put on their shoulders and so many eyes watching their every move constantly. 

Having seen both sides of the lives of influencers in LA, do you still have the same opinion as before? The upsides and downsides of these chaotic lives that these people live force them to grow up at an early age.  This topic has been a major controversy for many years now. Yes, this life is really a big dream, but is it really worth it?

Adriana Bleichner

Hi, my name is Adriana Bleichner and I am a sophomore at ACS Calvert. I was born in Bolivia and have lived here my whole life. My favorite sport is tennis, and my favorite hobby is baking.

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