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Injury Wreaks Havoc for the School Teams

School sport teams, a fun way to spend your afternoon with your friends after a long day of learning and working on projects. It is nice to be able to exercise a bit before going home and having to face all of the homework that you have ignored until the last day of the week. It is mainly a way to train, and be outside for a couple of hours. It is also a good way to practice for big tournaments, such as the Friendship Game. 

Yet, havoc rained down on the football team, on a Wednesday afternoon, when a player, who is often portrayed as the new Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and makes Erling Halland look like Harry Maguire, got into a dangerous injury. He was running back supporting his team, already a bit injured from a drill before the practice match had even started, managed to clear the ball away, thereby blocking a clear goal situation. The obvious goal opportunity turned into a corner, showing why this player is the greatest of all time. Yet, when getting ready to block another shot from the corner, he realized that he had injured his entire left arm. It turns out, the player had fallen on the hand, and another player had fallen on him, causing a serious injury. After he finished the match he went home and tried to sleep it off, yet he kept waking up, due to the immense pain. 

Now the player, thinking about having to retire from his highschool football career early, is worrying about how the school will survive without him. He worries for both the football team, who will desperately need him to be able to win friendship games, as well as the volleyball team, who will also need him to be able to win anything. He worries for his team as well as himself, wondering if he will ever be ok.

Svante Uggla

To live is to risk it all

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