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We have all grown up with at least one device that had access to the internet whether it was a computer or our parents phones, everyone, especially nowadays is growing up or has grown up with the internet. And although the internet brings beneficial aspects such as information at the click of a button or being able to contact with anyone in the world in just a few seconds ,but , there are some things that aren’t as beneficial as you might think. 

Yes, the internet is something that has brought a lot more positives than negatives in the time that it has been around, but, it is what it could possibly do to us that is the main concern of many people around the world. These specific mindsets within these people relate to the dependence that we have on the internet in our daily lives. You can see it right now, when reading this article, you are sitting or standing and you are on your phone or computer just reading away, and you could be anywhere in the world doing so, but, you just experienced first hand, the worry that these people have. 

Others have the mindset that all of the benefits in this amount of time contra-balance the negative effects, and while you might be correct about this during the time it has been around, no one really knows the side effects that the internet might have on us in the future and whether or not you might have to survive in an apocalypse without any internet or electricity, who knows. Let’s just enjoy the time we do have and hope and pray that things don’t become out of control in the future.

Pablo Echevarria

My name is Pablo Echevarria. I am a Junior who loves downhill. I am from Spain. My favorite food is gyros. A word that would describe me would be extroverted.

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