Is Canelo the best pound-for-pound?

Is Canelo the best pound-for-pound boxer?. Nowadays, we can consider Canelo Saul Alvarez as the best pound-for-pound due to his last victory against Plant. According to the critics, Canelo became the best with his last victory. Other critics of the sport also think otherwise. For example, former boxer Floyd Mayweather does not recognize Canelo as the best, “We can’t talk about the best pound for pound when there are so many fighters out there,” he said. “I don’t want to be disrespectful to Canelo, but there are many champions out there like Gervonta Davis,” added Floyd.


Just as there are negative comments about whether he’s the best, there are also many good ones. Oriundo from Guadalajara, a former Mexican boxer thinks “Canelo is the best whether they like it or not”, Oriundo mentions that Canelo fought great boxers while his career was in development. 


Whether he is the best or not, we can say that he is a great boxer. Today we can say that he is the best, but this is due to his effort and dedication to the sport. However, it is worth mentioning that he is first on the top, above great fighters such as Lomachenko and Inoue. Today it can be said that he is the best, but there are also boxing legends who are above him, such as Muhammad Ali and Mayweather himself.


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