Is Dancing Only Good For The Body?

Dancing is more than just a fun and enjoyable activity. Dancing has many surprising health benefits for your body and your brain. According to the University of Brighton, “there is a lot of accelerating and decelerating in dancing.” Dancing involves movement in all directions and forms; your muscles and tendons activate burning tons of calories in a very short period of time (around 300 calories per hour). Anyway, dancing does not only bring physical benefits to your body, but your brain also gets affected in a very positive way. There are many benefits dancing brings to your brain, the most remarkable are: it slows down aging by improving your muscle memory and prevents diseases like dementia.

Some researchers have found that dancers maximize their brain functions through regular aerobic exercises. Practicing some kind of movements can reshape the cerebellum helping the brain. According to Dr. Katzman, “the more complex our neuronal synapses are, the better”. He says that creating new neuronal paths is essential for keeping our brain fresh and healthy and avoid aging. Dr. Katzman believes dancing is one of the best ways for doing so. Adding to what has just being said, dancing may also help to prevent cognitive diseases such as dementia. Dr. Katzman has explained that the risk of dementia in dancers is lower (76% reduced risk) than in any other person that practices other activities such as reading (35% reduced risk), playing sports (0% reduced risk), or doing puzzles (47% reduced risk). Dance is fun and healthy. Besides bringing many benefits to your body, it can also be a great way to maintain many brain functions and prevent diseases as you age. Dance can be the best choice you can make for your health, so… dance now!

Jessica Zabala

Jessica Zabala is a 12th grader. She writes Arts editorials and is a Designer for the Newspaper Team. Her favorite hobby is singing.

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