Is Friendship Games going to happen?

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A new school semester has started and new challenges are ahead of us. One of these challenges is Friendship Games. It is said that this tournament is active and will hold all main sports including basketball, soccer, and volleyball. The opposing teams that take place in this tournament are incredibly good, skillful, and organized, which leads us to practice harder and focus our minds on the goal in front of us. Since there are many sports athletes who will be playing multiple sports at a continuous rate, they are going to be exhausted and not perform as well as they would with a little more energy. Athletes must train hard physically to be able to endure the physical punishment that these different games are going to give them. Last semester, Bolivia had political issues that caused the cancelation of various events leading to the lack of practice between teams. Soccer is going to be a part of the sports this semester and also volleyball. A balance of practice of these sports is essential to have a successful Friendship Games.

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