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Is reading that boring?

Reading is an activity we do all the time. We read signs on the street, books at school, posts on our cellphones, and a lot more. For some, reading books may be a boring task. It feels like a burden when we have to read a book for either school, college, or work. You might not be interested in them, not only for their subject but simply because it’s an obligation. However, other people may find reading to be a way for escaping reality. Certain books allow you to feel like you are time traveling, entering a different world, becoming a different person, and more. Many also like it because you can learn new things and gain knowledge.

There are many other ways to “read” books. Listening to an audiobook while reading the actual book makes you less likely to lose track or get distracted. You can also just listen to an audio book, without actually reading the book. Audio books allow you to multitask while you are listening to the book. Although many might argue against it, graphic novels and comics are also a type of reading. They can be more entertaining and easier to read because of the graphics and drawings.

If reading makes you bored, then you might be reading in the wrong way or about the wrong topic. There are so many different types of genres, such as: biographies, comics, science fiction, etc. You might have to try to find which one is the most interesting for you, and you can do so by connecting book genres to what general things you are interested in (Sports, Music, History, etc). Trying different ways to “read”, like audiobooks, graphic novels and comics, can also encourage you to read more or to find it less boring. You can start reading books (or audiobooks, comics, graphic novels) about films you liked. Finally, the type of lighting you use and the position in where you are can also affect your attention span. Be patient and don’t push yourself into reading if it still is boring. It actually can be counter productive and get worse for when you need to do work. 

Eva Gutierrez

My name is Eva Gutierrez and I am a junior. I like learning new languages. One word that describes me is hardworking.

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