Is soccer really worth the price??

Soccer is a sport that requires a lot of money to make the best team. Most of the owners of the teams are very powerful and wealthy people. Like, for example, 70% of the owners are sheiks, due to the amount of money they have. Nowadays, people make everything professional. What I mean by this is that everything is now producing money in either big or small quantities. All categories, no matter what falls in the market, where individuals gain money, and then share it with the people involved in the business. So basically, everyone involved in that chain gets a share. Sports such as basketball, soccer, American Football, involve massive amounts of money transactions. 

For example, players get paid millions of dollars just to participate in a sport that they are good at. Well, in soccer, it is different, depending on the cup the team is playing, the player gets paid a certain amount of money. There are leagues, and continents which may also vary the amount of money paid. In Europe, the amount of money involved is billions and billions of dollars. Now, players also have their own net worths that allow them to be engaged in other activities that may also gain a profit. There is a website where people may see how expensive a player really is. For example, the most expensive player right now is Lionel Messi, costing 111 million dollars, just his salary. That is not all, because there is a salary for the month, and of the years the player is on the team. There is also payment from companies such as Nike, which pays players to use their products. Another payment is made in order to keep your player by offering the best profit. There is a big line that goes after him. In the world, he is the second best-paid athlete, which actually showed that players can earn more than some people can gain in a lifetime. Do you think that all this money is worth it?? This money could be donated to corporations that help poor people, or companies that may help everyone in their daily lives.

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