Is the Covid-19 outbreak getting better?

The quick answer of this is no. The Covid-19 outbreak started in China in 2019, making Wu han the center of the epidemic. There’s of course many theories that try to decipher the real cause of these new diseases. The only thing we can be completely sure, is that it is actually highly contagious. In less than 4 months from the outbreak, the world has reached 1,000,000 million infected people. Killing almost 70,000 people. Now, in mid-April the world is facing a total of 1,870,00 infected people and 116,000 casualties according to John Hopkins university. In the beginning China was the most affected, then in Europe, Italy and Spain surpassed China and exponentially infected more people. Though, the worst one now is the US. Just at the beginning of April it started with 100,000 infected people, but now in mid-April 560,000 people are infected.

Of course there’s not any easy solution to stop the corona virus outbreak, but we can still do something by staying in our houses, washing our hands frequently, and social distancing from other people in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

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