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Is there such a thing as an Instagram addict?

Yes. Teenagers all around the world suffer from this addiction and don’t even realize it. Kendall Jenner, a famous supermodel, has talked about her addiction to the Ellen Show: “I would wake up in the morning and look at [Instagram] first thing, I would go to bed and it would be the last thing I would look at.” But, if you are not sure if you are an Instagram addict, take a look at the characteristics below.

 5 Characteristics of  an Instagram Addict:

  • You check Instagram right after you wake up
  • You have apps to filter your photo before posting 
  • You have tried to “double-tap” Facebook posts to like them
  • You should have a good following to follower ratio
  • You get an instant adrenaline rush when you post on Instagram, and the likes start to show up

If you can identify with any of these characteristics, you should consider some of the tips listed below. 

5 tips to stop: 

  • Track your scrolling time
    • Put an alarm of 10 to 20 minutes to scroll through your feed
    • After times up, stop.
  • Mute your notifications
    • This will help you stay focused on your homework
  • Make alternate plans
    • Go to the gym 
    • Bake pastries
    • Take a nap 
  • Spend time with your friends
    • Go to the movies
    • Eat ice cream
  • If you think that your addiction has gotten out of control, I recommend you delete the app for a couple of days in order to focus on important daily tasks

As we all may know, Instagram can be very time-consuming and prevent us from focusing on our homework. This is why it is important for us, students, to limit the time we spend on this app. 

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