Is Time Travel Possible?

Do you have times where you felt you did something wrong? Did you ever want to change something in the past? Ever felt that if you could go back in time you could get more benefits? Wouldn’t you want to have another chance to do something? Wouldn’t you like to do something you like more than once? Maybe you are looking to redeem yourself. Well if that is the idea. Due to all the technological advancements, I want to believe it is possible that in a near future time travel will be possible.

TIme travel is possible, and scientists have proof. The thing is that when we think of the words “time travel,” we usually think of traveling that has to be faster than 1 second per second. Time travel sounds like something that is not easy to accomplish, or something that is not true. Due to the speed of time travel being so fast, it sounds like something you’d only see in movies or science- fiction books. Time travel is not what you expect, like getting into a time travel machine and traveling years back. It is more along the lines that time may be different in different places, and at different speeds, time in the clock may be different. For example If you put a watch in an airplane and aone watch on land (that does not move), the watch in the airplane may be some seconds or minutes ahead of the one on land.

Albert Einstein came up with many theories that are most likely to be true. Around 100 years ago He came up with an idea about how time works, called relativity. This theory states that time and space may be linked together. Einstein also mentioned that our universe may have a speed limit, and that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, which is = (186,000 miles per second).

In conclusion, yes, time travel is real and can be accomplished. This does not mean that time travel is how we see it in movies. Under certain conditions, the variables that affect time travel may be altered. It is possible to experience time passing, at a different rate than 1 second per second.

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