Alistair Overeem, a professional UFC fighter suffered an accident. During the main event of the night (his fight) The Brazilian fighter was punched in the upper lip and then suffered a horrifying wound. This accident occurred when there were only 5 seconds left for the final round. Before the fifth and final round, he was brutally knocked out by his opponent. His opponent was Jairzinho Rozenstruik. Rozenstruik hit Overeem in the face with an extreme amount of force. After the incident, the opponent Rozentruik didn’t even bother to say sorry. He just stated, “all the fight I was looking for an opening, and at the last minute found it and there you go”.

In April 2019, deaths have been recorded. A total of seven MMA fighters died since that date. People are still researching all the possible causes of all the deaths in this particular sport. The spectators in this sport are starting to question why people keep practicing this sport. When some of the best fighters such as Conor Mcgergor were asked for a reason why they practice this sport, and they answer “ due to the amount of money they make in only one fight.” Particularly Mcagregor takes this sport as “business” or that is what he calls it. In your opinion should this sport be practiced??


Jorge Salinas

My name is Jorge Salinas. I am a junior. I love soccer and tennis. A word that would describe me would be funny.

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