Israel Adesanya’s road to becoming a champion

Israel Adesanya was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and was raised in Nigeria. He moved back to Auckland at the age of 19 and began his breakdancing career. He is now the dominant middleweight champion undefeated in his weight class. His only loss came challenging the light heavyweight champion in his light heavyweight debut. He has made himself a multimedia superstar. Israel Adesanya worked throughout   his high school career, where he entered the field of martial arts as a form of self-defense. 

Israel Adesanya was born in Lagos, Nigeria, being the oldest in a family of five brothers. At age 10, he moved to New Zealand where he would spend the rest of his childhood and teenage years. Adesanya picked up an interest in anime and other animated series at the time. These interests would later have him pegged as a nerd in school and bullied by his peers. Once he left school, Adesanya had no interest in martial arts or pugilism, for that matter. He enrolled in college and began studying computer science with the intention of specializing in animation. He joined a breakdance group in his first year of college, as an activity, and one of his peers lured him into a kickboxing class where he believed he would have some skills, since he was light on his feet and very coordinated. Adesanya was hooked immediately by the sport. He then had the most illustrious kickboxing career in history, he had a total of 80 wins, 30 knockouts, and one loss. He then moved to boxing where he had a six win and six knockout record before he was signed into the UFC as one of the UFC’s most anticipated acquisitions.      

In the UFC, he blitzed the middleweight division humiliating big names such as Robert Witacker, Dereck Bruntson, Paulo Costa, Joel Romero, and Marvin Vetori. He amassed an enormous amount of hype, as he seemed to have no equal. He was then dubbed the stylebender due to his obsession with the anime series such as Avatar the last stylebender. This man found his first adversity in the UFC fighting Kelvin Gastelum with whom they fought five action packed rounds. At the beginning of the final round, he began saying I am ready to die. Israel Adesanya later confessed to a news outlet that he meant it. He said his head hurt and he could barely see and his liver was pulsating with pain, and he believed that to win that fight he would have to leave in a coffin. He knocked out Gastleum with 10 seconds remaining in the fight. Israel Adesanya has dominated his weight class like none before he is a man with a complicated background who made it to UFC gold. He is making waves in the sport and from an unlikely fighter to the most dominant middleweight.   

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