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Johnny Depp Trial

Johnny Depp is one of the most famous actors in the whole world. No one has ever dared to say one bad thing about him, until recently. His ex-wife, Amber Heard, recently spoke up and said she had been abused by Johnny Depp throughout the whole relationship. This left many people in shock, as news of Johnny being abusive had never been heard before. As of right now, they are both in court, debating on this serious topic. 

To clarify things, Johnny Depp was the one who took his wife to court, and as far as the public can tell, it was the right thing to do. Never has anyone said anything negative about Johnny Depp. Ms. As many of you, Johnny Depp is seen as nothing but a great actor and an amazing human being. He’s best known for the famous roles he has played over the years, such as Willy Wonka, Jack Sparrow, and the Hatter. Of course, he has played many other roles over the course of his career, but what really put him on the map were the roles previously mentioned. He’s been acting since the year 1984, and it’s been all smooth sailing, until recently.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial began on April 12th of this year. Millions of people have been watching the trial online, and the public had a lot to say. Many have different opinions on who is telling the truth, but mostly the audience says that Amber Heard was the abuser in the relationship and not Johnny. During the course of the trial, new evidence has been revealed that left many people shocked. It’s been proven and stated that during the relationship, Amber Heard did horrible things to his husband, like cutting off part of his finger, and getting physically violent with him. The last straw that forced Johnny to finally divorce his wife, was that she defecated on Johnny’s side of the bed. 

This trial is a joke to many people. They believe it’s ridiculous Johnny is being painted as the bad guy, and on social media, people keep on defending the actor. Many have noted that his ex-partner has had weird tendencies during the duration of the ongoing trial. For example, Amber copies the outfits that Johnny has worn to trial. She also mimics his sense of fashion, copying his hairstyles and accessories. It really is confusing to many, and it has left people wondering if she’s doing this on purpose. The audience has also noted that the lawyer hired by Amber Heard is not too experienced, since the arguments she has been making are not all that good, and some simply don’t make sense. This only inclined the public into choosing Johnny Depp’s side. 

It really has been devastating to see such a wonderful person going through horrible things. These types of accusations are not to be taken lightly and could leave a huge stain on Johnny Depp’s career. He has lost many brand deals with different companies, and his career right now is on pause. We all truly hope this situation can be solved peacefully and as soon as possible. If you had to pick sides, whose side would you choose?

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