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Jon Jones is a currently retired UFC  light heavyweight champion he is held in one of the highest regards in the sport for having one of the most complete fighter resumes but  as with all things in life it has its blemishes. Jon Jones is far from an outstanding human being as he has been charged and found guilty of domestic violence he has also tested positive before many of his fights for various drugs including performance enhancing drugs.  Jon Jones currently holds the record for the most title defenses the most submissions in his weight class he is the 3 time light heavyweight champion as he was the youngest UFC champion at 23 he later reclaimed his belts twice after once losing them due to a hit and run conviction and later testing positive for cocaine end performance enhancing drugs.

Jon Jones has been regarded as one of the most complete fighters in the history of the sport due to his Mastery of striking end of ground grappling combat. He is revered because of his light feet and strong knock out power and crazy fighting IQ. He demonstrated his awesome fighting IQ in  one of his last fights against Daniel Cormier where he was fighting against a man with far more experience grappling and a truly established name in the sport. He knew in that fight he would never win if the fight went to the ground so he displayed a beautiful defense against takedowns and won every round of the fight by picking off his opponent with perfectly placed jabs, power punches and kicks that all landed. if his martial arts career was reduced to his wins and his accomplishments as a fighter many sport critics believe that there would be no argument that he would be the best in the sport’s history.All of these accolades are  withheld none the less due to his substance abuse and his less than sportsmanlike conduct.

Now after his retirement she was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the UFC and the last he has in this very second one a charge of domestic violence other than the one he was already found guilty of. He was also sanctioned  by the Nevada athletic State Commission for testing positive 4 cocaine before one of his fights. This is not enough for him to be sanctioned but his purse was reduced by the UFC and the flight was delayed. After that when he took another test he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs such as testosterone above normal levels.In the latest case of domestic violence a terrible 911 call surfaced as evidence where the guards of the casino Jon Jones stayed at the time called in a truly heartbreaking situation of domestic violence. Here is the link to the full conversation Conversation. Jon Jones was a fabulous fighter but a deplorable human being. 



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