Juan Andrés Palacios

Juan Andrés Palacios, musician, composer, and arranger from La Paz, Bolivia, born in 1985, is currently Director of the Rodolfo Laruta y la Sonora Final Los Andes Big band and the Azul Magenta symphony orchestra.

He began his studies in symphonic percussion, drums, and jazz piano with the Metros. Willy Posadas, Einar Guillén, and Oscar García at the Plurinational Conservatory of Music and later he decided to continue his training in Europe, first in Germany at the Luxembourg School of Music, and then in Spain at the School of Music of Cataluña, where he took the opportunity to learn more about jazz, classical, and contemporary music. Juan Andrés explained that between German and Hispanic education there is a big difference: “In Germany, they prepare you to take responsibility for your training.”

During his studies in Europe, after taking orchestration courses, he began to love this specialty and the idea of ​​forming a big band came up. Upon arriving in Bolivia, he started his project using the techniques of various musical genres and went through several stages (contemporary music, jazz, and also Bolivian music). 

In the concerts, he plays his original compositions and also musical experiments, using something called Controlled Randomised. He is also a member of the Tierra Mojada band, which is a project of national folk songs with elements of jazz and classical music. 

Juan Andrés Palacios plays the piano. His ensembles have been part of important Bolivian group concerts such as Kjarkas Sinfónico. Palacios made the arrangements for the symphonic orchestration of this group (Kjarkas). The versatility of this composer is his greatest

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