Juan Martin Del Potro retired

Juan Martin Del Potro, also known as delpo or la Torre de tandil, is a 33-year-old Argentine tennis player who announced his retirement yesterday, Sunday (06/02/22), at a press conference prior to the start of the tournament in Buenos Aires. Aires. Juan Martin in tears said that after 962 days of absence on the circuit, he said that this could be the final farewell to tennis, this will be decided after playing the tournament in Buenos Aires and the ATP in Rio de Janeiro. The tournament in Buenos Aires begins this Monday, February 7. And the ATP in Rio de Janeiro will be played from February 14 to 20 and Del Potro’s participation is already confirmed.

Juan Martin Del Potro said in the conference that he has lived a nightmare with his knee and has tried everything to recover, but he has not succeeded. He also said that he could not imagine his retirement if it was not playing, and he did not find a better tournament than the one in Buenos Aires. Delpo plays on Tuesday against one of his best friends, Federico DelBonis said it was a pleasure to play with him since with him, he lived the most unforgettable moments in his entire tennis career. Juan Martin also said that he will not give up and will fight to the last to win every point. He also said that this was very important because his mother was going to be there since she had never seen him in a tournament or match. And at the end, he also said that he will continue to consult doctors in search of a cure for his knee.

Juan Martin finished the conference saying that he is going to play these two tournaments and that he does not want to think about the future.

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