Junior Superlatives

JMy classmates have different talents and personalities. Whether it be in sports or in arts, we are all different. These personalities can be discovered in different ways. During class, in Classroom Without Walls trips, parties, or just by talking to them in the hallway, one can get to know these people.

The following superlatives are taken from my personal interactions with my classmates. Also, from the experiences I have had with them.

Most likely to become the next rap sensation: Mazen Abu Hamdan

Most likely to dominate the world: Joaquin Alcoreza 

Most likely to end up with all 206 broken bones: Matias Arredondo

Most likely to become an Uber driver and crash his car: Nathaniel Calderon

Most likely to be confused with Mr. Rios: Eduardo Canelas

Most likely to lose her phone: Matilda de Rada #yasabesporque

Most likely to become TikTok famous: Pablo Echevarria @pechevarria #followforfollow

Most likely to win a Nobel Prize: Keewan Kim

Most likely to survive in the jungle: Davi Lima


Most likely to be a nightclub owner: Sophia Paredes

Most likely to participate in the Olympics: Pablo Peñaloza

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