Just Take a Step

Have you ever been stuck in a place for a long time? What I’m trying to say is the following.

Everyone has had work due, dreams, plans, and goals. Why do people stay where they are now? Well, this is because most people don’t take a step. There are many people who might not know in what direction to take a step, and because of this, they don’t do anything. There are others who see problems they will have to face in the future, and choose to stay where they are now. 

To truly progress and go where one wants to go, decisions have to be made. Sometimes all it takes is twenty seconds of blinding courage and bravery, and your life could be headed in a different direction. 

Choose to start chasing your dreams, choose to start doing your work, choose to start working on your plans, choose to start going after your goals. It takes courage and bravery to truly start a process, but that is one of the obstacles that you will have to overcome in order to truly progress.

There are many chances, opportunities, and doors that open to the ones who begin processes. After all, if you don’t start something, you will never know just how much you can achieve. So, if you ever feel stuck, feel the need for improvement, the need for changes, just take a step.


Rodrigo De Grandchant

My name is Rodrigo de Grandchant. I am a junior who loves doing sports. I horseback ride, play soccer, and volleyball. I look forward to competing in the friendship games and to participate in many school events.

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