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The league currently consists of eight groups and relegates to the Armenian First League. ), are a congregation of Benedictine monks of the Armenian Catholic Church founded in 1712 by Mekhitar of Sebaste. They are greatest recognized for his or her collection of scholarly publications of historical Armenian versions of in any other case misplaced historical Greek texts. During the Soviet era, Azerbaijanis have been traditionally the second largest population in the nation (forming about 2.5% in 1989).[one hundred seventy five] However, because of the battle over Nagorno-Karabakh, nearly all of them emigrated from Armenia to Azerbaijan. Conversely, Armenia acquired a large inflow of Armenian refugees from Azerbaijan, thus giving Armenia a extra homogeneous character.

In 1914, there have been 15 factories within the province of Yerevan (the biggest the one now owned by Shustov) produced 210,010 deciliters of brandy. In 1921, the Soviet state took over Shustov’s factory, and it was renamed to “Ararat”.

Iran and Armenia have been in shut contact for 1000’s of years. Since Antiquity there has at all times been a lot interaction between Ancient Armenia and Persia (Iran). The Armenian people are amongst the native ethnic groups of northwestern Iran (often known as Iranian Azerbaijan), having millennia lengthy recorded history there while the region (or components of it) have had made up part of historical Armenia quite a few occasions in history. These historical Armenian areas that nowadays embrace Iranian Azerbaijan are Nor Shirakan, Vaspurakan, and Paytakaran. Many of the oldest Armenian chapels, monasteries and church buildings on the earth are located inside this area of Iran.

It is also recognized simply because the Armenian Church. For different makes use of, see Armenian Church (disambiguation). “«Դեվշիրմեն» (մանկահավաքը) օսմանյան կայսրության մեջ ըստ թուրքական և հայկական աղբյուրների” [The “Devshirme” (Child-Gathering) within the Ottoman Empire According to Turkish and Armenian Sources]. In the territory of the modern Armenian republic, only a single mosque, that of the Blue Mosque, has survived to the present day.

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Today’s tricolor flag bears little resemblance to the earliest Armenian ‘flags’. In historical occasions, armies went into battle behind carvings mounted on poles. The carvings may represent a dragon, an eagle, a lion or “some mysterious object of the gods”.[1] With the advent of Christianity, the Armenian empire adopted many various flags representing varied dynasties. The Artaxiad Dynasty’s flag, as an example, consisted of a red cloth displaying two eagles gazing at one another, separated by a flower.

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Meanwhile, each the Ittihad (Unionist) and the Nationalists moved to win the friendship of the Bolsheviks. The Ottoman Empire ruled in accordance to Islamic regulation.

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) situated in Antelias, Lebanon, is a regional See of the Armenian Apostolic Church and is an autonomous church with jurisdiction over sure segments of the Armenian diaspora. The Mother Cathedral is essentially the most recognised landmark of the Armenian Church.

The Characteristics of Armenian People

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This interval was ended by the Seljuk invasion. The first Armenian churches had been built between the 4th and 7th century, starting when Armenia converted to Christianity, and ending with the Arab invasion of Armenia.

The taste of the food relies on the standard and freshness of the components somewhat than on extreme use of spices. The variety of Syrian Armenians is estimated to be far lower as a result of Syrian Civil War, as these are pre-warfare figures. Many fled to Lebanon, Armenia, and the West respectively. The Republic of Artsakh is de facto independent armenian brides and primarily integrated into Armenia, nonetheless, it’s internationally acknowledged as de jure part of Azerbaijan. Armenians have additionally been successful in chess, which is the preferred mind sport in Armenia.

Instruments just like the duduk, dhol, zurna, and kanun are generally found in Armenian people music. Artists such as Sayat Nova are well-known due to their affect in the growth of Armenian people music. One of the oldest types of Armenian music is the Armenian chant which is the most typical sort of non secular music in Armenia. Many of those chants are historic in origin, extending to pre-Christian instances, while others are comparatively modern, including several composed by Saint Mesrop Mashtots, the inventor of the Armenian alphabet. Whilst underneath Soviet rule, the Armenian classical music composer Aram Khatchaturian turned internationally well-known for his music, for numerous ballets and the Sabre Dance from his composition for the ballet Gayane.

Nagorno-Karabakh War

Because this settlement was not revered by the Parthian Empire, in 114 Trajan from Antiochia in Syria marched on Armenia and conquered the capital Artaxata. Trajan then deposed the Armenian king Parthamasiris (imposed by the Parthians) and ordered the annexation of Armenia to the Roman Empire as a new province. The new province reached the shores of the Caspian Sea and bordered to the north with Caucasian Iberia and Caucasian Albania, two vassal states of Rome. As a Roman province Armenia was administered by Catilius Severus of the Gens Claudia.

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