Since we have been quarantined, we have been forced to reduce our social activities and replace them with other forms of entertainment, such as watching series and movies. Thankfully, there are a lot of options we can choose from. However, different genres and series attract different audiences, such as children, young people, and adults. Nevertheless, martial art films are among some of the most-watched shows. 

Kung-Fu is the generic name for Chinese martial arts. The best known Kung-Fu style is Shaolin Kung-Fu, which came from the Temple with the name “Shaolin”. The origin of Kung-Fu dates back to 3000 BC, but it was not until the 6th century that modern Kung-Fu was known. Nevertheless, it made the hit centuries later, in the 1970s, thanks to Bruce Lee, who in addition to being a great martial art professional, was also a filmmaker and actor. His acting profession in popular series and movies allowed him to introduce Chinese material arts to the western world.

Kung-Fu is more than a self-defense activity, it implies a philosophy and a way of life focused on seeking harmony between body and mind. 

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