Kyrie Irving Can’t Play with Right Knee Sprain

The Brooklyn Nets, one of the best Basketball teams, with one of the best players, Kyrie Irving got injured on Saturday during the fourth quarter. Kyrie went for a rebound and fought for the ball with Bradley Beal. They both fell, but Kyrie fell on him while Bradley tried to get his balance back. Kyrie’s knee was stuck between the legs of Bradley and he fell forward twisting his knee. 

Due to this injury, the game ended 113 – 107, Nets losing. He was still on the ground a few minutes before continuing to play, he began with a jump ball, where the two players tangled. Kyrie Didn’t jump. Instead of jumping, he left the court and went directly to the locker room. This shows us that it was a pretty severe injury. 

Kyrie Irving was doing well this season,  he scored 54 points himself in the match against the Chicago Bulls. The Nets estimate that Irving will miss a few home games against the Phoenix. This is where the point guard, D’Angelo Russell, who plays for the Golden State Warriors, replaces Irving.

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