Kyrie Irving drops 21 points in return from a 2-month absence

The famous NBA star, Kyrie Irving, who plays for the team Brooklyn Nets was injured from a shoulder impingement since November 12 and was sidelined for at least 26 games. This showed fans that the injury was pretty severe and he has been off the court until this moment. 

It has been announced last Thursday that Kyrie Irving is now fine and recovered his shoulder problems. He came back very strong making one of the best plays in history. On Sunday night, January 12, Kyrie  made 3 assists, 3 rebounds, and scored 21 points by himself. His perseverance and determination lead the Nets to a win against the Hawks, 108 points to 86 points! 

This game was an insane comeback for the Nets and most importantly Kyrie because he is the leader of the Nets. Tom Dowd, the staff writer for the Nets was very proud and impressed on this amazing comeback,Kyrie managed to pull out from his injury and shocked everyone as he was able to play like a boss right after coming back from shoulder injuries as if he had never had left.

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