Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix

Las Vegas will be set to host a night race in November of 2023. The Las Vegas Grand Prix will be the third race being held in the United States joining the Austin and Miami GP. The track will consist of 14 corners and will have a length of 6.12 km. The layout designers for the track have already predicted that the cars will be hitting top speeds of around 342 km/h. 


Las Vegas previously hosted two races, one in 1981 and the other in 1982. The difference this time will be that the race will take place on the Las Vegas Strip around all the iconic hotels and casinos. Although the design is not like the rest of the tracks that F1 competes in, this GP will still be very exciting due to the unique environment that will be present during the race weekend. 


The news that the race was going to officially take place was announced by the Liberty Media President and CEO, Greg Maffei, and F1 President and CEO, Stefano Domenicali at a large event in Las Vegas on the 30th of March. This race truly represents the sport’s considerable growth over the years and the exciting future that awaits it.  

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