Lazy Differences between Middle and High Schoolers

The first day of sixth grade, a beautiful day, and you are ready to get all of your homework, excel at school, everyone is nice to you, you are a 110% motivated ready to give your all. Then it all changes. Your first day of 9th, you realize you are starting school 10 minutes before it actually starts, and you have not prepared at all. You go just to realize that you will be stuck in school for the whole year, teachers stop doing everything for you, and an actual challenge begins. You are expecting it is all going to be rough, but still you have some hope of surviving this until you step into Ms. van Strien’s classroom, and realize this is worse than you expected… 

Matias Aguirre

My name is Matias Aguirre. I am a sophomore who loves soccer. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is gyros. A word that would describe me would be friendly.

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