Lebron James Becoming Part Owner of the Red Sox

After a successful career, many athletes took the way of investing in many things. Those things include sports franchises, bigger companies, and many other things. While Micheal Jordan bought the Charlotte Hornets after having a very successful if not the best basketball career in the NBA. While others like Lebron James already are owners or part owners of two franchises. One MLB Franchise and one European Soccer franchise. After Lebron’s investing company, called RedBird Capital Partners, bought part of Liverpool, which is a European soccer team, for $735 million. Lebron James became the part-owner of the team. Then, two weeks ago he became the part-owner of the MLB team called Red Sox.

The Red Sox are the Boston Official Baseball team. Lebron no doubt is doubling all his money and is not planning to stop anytime soon. He said in a recent interview that he is hoping that he can buy a Basketball team in the future when he retires. This would be a cool thing to see and also see which franchise of the NBA he wants or is able to purchase. Lebron has been doing big moves all throughout his career. In the court, off the court, investment-wise, and for the community. He has a school called “I Promise School” in Akron, Ohio opened in 2018 which is an elementary school. It is especially aimed, at-risk students. The school has the motto “We Are Family.” Lebron James has helped his community and all communities in general very much. He is a great basketball player but most importantly he is a good person off the court. We are intrigued to see what he is going to do in the future.

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