Lebron James First Career Suspension

When we hear Lebron James name in the game of basketball we automatically think about one of the best players in basketball history. One of the GOATs said it in sports language. Can you believe a player got suspended for the first time in their 19 season career? Well, it was deserved and justified just like Jokic’s hard and dirty foul some weeks ago. 

This ejection and suspension happened when the LA Lakers were giving the Motor City and the Detroit Pistons a visit on Sun Nov. 21, 2021. This incident happened when there was 9:18 minutes left in the third quarter of the game. The Pistons were winning 77 – 66 when the Brawl erupted. It all started when Isiah Stewart was going in for a rebound after a missed free throw from his teammate, Jerami Grant. Leborn James was trying to blow him out and threw an elbow back in a very dangerous and sorty manner. Hitting Isiah’s eyebrow and making it bleed a lot. He immediately got mad and wanted to fight but obvousisky security of the arena and the coaches from different teams interfered and grabbed everyone avoiding any fights, but it was very hard to grab Isiah Stewart as he was very mad and furious. Standing at 2.03 meters tall and weighing 113 Kg not many people can grab him and calm him down. He even got taken to the other side of the court for some separation and started running over everyone with the intention of getting to Lebron James. People fell everywhere and the court was full of people trying to deescalate the situation. It was hard. Isaiah pushed everyone out of him and ran into the tunnel having people think he was coming out the other side into the Lakers bench, which wasn’t the outcome. Both players were ejected from the game.

The incident resulted in the NBA investigating in order to make the right call coming down to the punishment. It took one whole day for NBA officials to come up with the suspensions and punishments. To start off Lebron James got suspended for one game and Isaiah Stewart got suspended for two games. Both of those suspensions came without pay. In this situation the biggest effect came in Lebron’s situation losing $284K in forfeit. On the other hand the effect for Isaiah Stewart was’t that big as Lebron’s only losing $45K. 

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