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F1 has had new owners since 2016. Before that F1 was near bankruptcy the sport had become too inaccessible due to the last owners which monopolized the sports viewership and viewers outside the US and UK had to move ocean and earth to be able to watch the races. This reduced worldwide viewership of F1 by a substantial amount and it had become a niche sport. Since then Liberty has purchased the sport and has released the media embargo on f1 was released and new channels have begun to broadcast the sports viewership and attention on the sport have increased and most importantly a new generation of viewers have come to F1 through their social media presence. Before Liberty was in place teams and drivers were not allowed to post their cars or anything that could be associated with the sport now teams are free to post all kinds of media ranging from images and onboard footage. This has brought new attention to the sport with Lewis Hamilton having 22 million followers and the teams having millions each. F1 itself has around 18 million followers on Instagram. All of these followers are of a new generation that will ensure the future of the sport. 

Patricio Inchauste

Hi I am Patricio Inchauste I am a junior and I have a massive interest in F1 and MMA.

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