Lights Out

As many of you might know, our cougars went to friendship games and came back with second place in most of the disciplines realized in the tournament. The only discipline where our cougars earned the third place is women’s track and field.

We all know how well our athletes performed, but let’s remark the simple fact that the rain delayed all sports on the second day of competition. As one of the most prestigious schools of the country, Santa Cruz American School, should have the infrastructure and equipment to prevent power shortages when the rain comes. Although this was not the school’s fault, they could have been prepared for this situation not to happen during friendship games.

The second day of the competition our athletes were supposed to perform in track and field, and due to the bad climate, it was impossible. The field was flooded, the school’s power was out, cheerleaders were not able to get ready for their presentations, there was no power for the knowledge bowl buttons to work and there were no lights for the boys’ basketball game that afternoon.

Unfortunately, we lost the following day, but there are many areas of concern I’d like to remark on future occasions like soccer being included on second-semester next Friendship Games.

Thank you cougars!

Sergio Gumucio

Sergio Gamucio, is a 12th grader. He writes Sports editorials and is part of the marketing group for the Newspaper Team. His favorite soccer team is Barcelona.

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