Longer Friendship Games

Longer Friendship Games

As you may know, Bolivia went through a very complicated and chaotic time during the end of October and the whole month of November. The official date for Friendship Games for soccer and volley was at the end of November. After all that chaos and tension the only solution for the school was to cancel Friendship Games because of the Lack of practice during the semester. Students were very sad that all of the wait was for nothing. 

As you can see in the title it says Longer friendship Games Well that means that Friendship Games this semester is going to be longer. In my opinion, it will be much better and much more fun. So you may be thinking how can they be longer? How can they be better? Well wait a minute I didn’t get to the best part yet. Normally friendship games are three days, well now they are going to be one more day. But instead of having soccer and volley one semester and Track and Field, Basketball, knowledge Bowl and Chess another semester. This time all of the six sports will be in one Friendship Games. 

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