Los Angeles 2020 Dominance

Wouldn’t you want to have the best basketball team or the best baseball team in their city? Well, Los Angeles citizens and fans are living the dream. The Los Angeles Lakers are the NBA’s new champions and the LA Dodgers are the new MLB champions. They have been in full takeover mode and have been dominating since the beginning of the seasons. The Los Angeles Lakers re-flourished their whole team last year and one key piece to this championship was Anthony Davis a 6’10 that plays as a power forward or at the center. He can do everything, play defense, pass, score, shoot threes, and is known as a great team member. He has been a key part in this championship aside from Rajon Rondo a 6’1 point guard that can pass the ball really well and Lebron James a 6’9 a small forward and sometimes plays as a power forward. Lebron James has won his fourth ring this year and another Finals MVP which gave him his fourth FInals MVP. Lebron James has been in a debate of whether he or Michel Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time.

On the other hand, the LA Dodgers started their season fairly good and in total dominance. They entered the playoffs with a great record and became the first in the Western conference like the Los Angeles Lakers. When the LA Dodgers started their playoff run they were very slow but still could manage to win their first series. The story was different when they entered their second playoff series, they started off the series very slow going down 3-1. They still managed to turn their series around and win to go onto the World Series (The Championship Series).

The LA Dodgers had to play against the Tampa Bay Rays which had the best record in the other conference and were the best team of the Eastern Conference. That was a good matchup with the Dodgers which led them to win the first game. Then game 2 the Rays won 1-1 then Dodgers going up 2-1 Rays tied up the series in game 4 making it go 2-2. Then Dodgers ended the series in the next two games, winning the series.

The Los Angeles Lakers had to face off against the Miami Heat that had the best playoff run and we’re on track to the finals with very big momentum. No one thought they could be stopped because they had so many good players and had won against the best team in the conference, the Milwaukee Bucks, and also won against one of the hardest teams in the NBA, the Boston Celtics. On the other hand, the Los Angeles Lakers were the best team in the Western Conference and also had the best record in the NBA. They were also unstoppable with their great team. The matchup between Jimmy Butler and his Miami Heat vs. Lebron James and Anthony Davis was going to be interesting and fun to watch. The Los Angeles Lakers started the series by winning the first two games by totally running out the Miami Heat, but the Heat couldn’t lose without a fight. They went back and won game three making the series 2-1. They had to win game four in a crucial game they played so well and we’re winning the whole game. Anthony Davis made a three at the end and won it for the Lakers. The series was 3-1 now and only one team had come back from that, the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers led by Lebron James. The Heat wanted to make history and win the series so they tried and well they went out to the floor for game five and absolutely dominated to force a game six. In which the Lakers manage to get the win and become the Next NBA champions. 

You may be thinking “How did the teams manage to pull this off?” Well the MLB had some positive covid tests which made their season delay a bit. On the

 other hand, the NBA bubble was a success having zero positive covid tests in three months. 

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