The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change

Did you know that by 2090 we might all be dead?

Scientists have been aware of greenhouse effects on climate since the early eighties.  President Reagan, being one of the most influential leaders in the world during that time, could have pushed other world power to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. But he didn’t. Decades later world leaders still sit idle. By 2005 actions to control the world’s pollution would have drastically contributed to a decrease in global warming. Other powerful nations such as China, Russia, Japan would have looked up to the United States actions towards fixing the number of fossil fuels being burned. This would have created more pressure for these countries to do the same. Unfortunately, Reagan did the opposite and continued to invest in the massive production of oil, burning of coal etc. Due to his greediness and desire to increase the country’s economy, he neglected the scientists warnings’.

Scientific researchers concluded that humankind has emitted more than 20 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide in the year 1990. Up to 2017, the emission of carbon dioxide has risen to 32.5 billion metric tons. Even today the countries who have pushed the hardest for climate policy have failed to do what they originally promised. People who are not experiencing the effects of global warming with their own eyes will never realize how dangerous and damaging this could be for future generations. It is more likely that no one will move a finger to improve this condition unless they  experience it’s effects first hand. In less than three more generations our species may collapse if we do nothing.

Alessandra Quevedo

Alessandra Quevedo is a 12th grader. She writes science editorials and is a marketing specialist for the Newspaper Team. Her favorite food is cheesecake.

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