Male Cheerleaders

I think that male cheerleaders should be allowed in school. I think this because in now-days, everything has to be fair and equal for EVERYONE. If you put a rule that male students cannot be cheerleaders, students wanting to participate will want to put you in trouble. What I mean by trouble is that trials would be done. There are some options that would be interesting to consider due to this topic. Real benefits students would get by becoming cheerleaders are becoming less shy at school. This would actually get help by becoming cheerleaders in most cases, not including all the problems it could bring to. The problems that male cheerleaders could bring bullying, and homosexuality too. How would they get this help? They would get this help by becoming shameless due to all the times they would perform in front of people. They would also be helped by becoming what they really are without them having to hide their personality. So,I think that this could be a solution for extremely shy students- in order for them to change. Some examples of all the candidates that would be elected as cheerleaders are people with a lack of personality or people who are very shy. Though I want to express my opinion is that for me there are certain sports for certain genders. Like it depends on your taste for the activities you like. Maybe by allowing male cheerleaders in school, some students may be helped. 

Mike Rueda

My name is Mike Rueda. I am a sophomore who loves playing video games. I am from the USA. My favorite food is chicken. A word that would describe me would be competitive.

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