Maradona: The Global Icon


Diego Armando Maradona, considered one of the greatest football players in history, passed away on November 25th due to a heart attack. Many Argentinian, and other world-wide celebrities, have sent their messages through their social media networks. The talented Lionel Messi has posted “He leaves us but does not leave, because Diego is eternal.” Pelé has also commented, “world lost a legend”.  Furthermore, Cristiano Ronald has stated “Today I say goodbye to a friend and the world says goodbye to an eternal genius.” Multiple football teams including Boca Juniors, Napoli, Barcelona, and River Plate have sent their loving messages. Many other important cultural, political, and sports figures have given their deepest condolences on Maradona’s departure. 

Maradona is not only a football icon, but he is a hero in his home country. Argentina has had three days of mourning following the death of their football legend. Hundreds of people went out to the streets to say goodbye to their idol. For a country where football is considered a religion, Maradona’s death caused a lot of grief.

 Although many people admired him as a player, he was often criticized for aspects of his life which included drug addictions and paternity suits. He was a man regarded for several controversies and was often called “the flawed genius”. 

Maradona, “el pibe de oro”, was known by people all over the world and admired in his home country. He rose from the impoverished barrios of Buenos Aires to become a true international icon.


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