March Madness

Many people may like the NBA but do you know about March Madness? Well, if the answer is no I am here to tell you all about it. March Madness is the playoffs of the NCAA tournament for college basketball. Obviously, Match Madness is played in March. This is the time of the season every player waits for. This the most important tournament for the college basketball season and is happening right now.

So this is how this tournament works, Only 68 teams qualify to be able to play in it. none of those teams are eliminated in the opening round of the tournament that is known as the First Four, leaving us with 64 teams for the first round. Those 64 teams are split into four regions of 16 teams each, with each team being ranked 1 through 16. One thing to note is that one loses and you are out and disqualified. Every team fights for a chance to be in the final four which has the name only four teams play in it. The two winners of those teams go to the championship game for a chance to take it all and be the NCAA champions. 

Last year March Madness was not able to be played because it was the start of the new pandemic of, COVID-19. This year the NCAA has made a bubble-like last year’s NBA Bubble in Orlando. The NCAA built its bubble in Indianapolis and has had zero positive cases since it began.

This year’s champion looks like it will be Gonzaga. They have gone undefeated the whole season and got to the NCAA tournament with the first seed. They have won their first two games in March madness and are looking to take it all. This weekend the sweet sixteen round will start and the sixteen teams that remain are HUNGRY for the championship. Let’s see who takes it all!!

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