Mclaren’s 2021 F1 Car Reveal

With the 2021 Formula 1 season coming very soon, the time for car reveals has started. The first team to reveal their new car is Mclaren, along with their new driver, Daniel Ricciardo. The Mclaren team had partnered with a new engine and gearbox manufacturer, Mercedes, which forced the team to have to redesign a car based on this new motor. This redesign is something that some teams thought was controversial since the COVID-19 rules that were put in place last season prohibited major renovations to cars from being made. 


This Monday, Mclaren held a type of different event, which occurred behind closed doors in their headquarters, the Mclaren Technology Center. The event had coverage from the F1 news partner, Sky Sports, having interviews with both of the drivers, Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, as well as the team’s technical director and the CEO of the team, Andreas Seidl and Zak Brown. The team came up with an entertaining concept of giving the drivers the task to make a ‘cover’ song for the team, where they were recorded in a studio in London. The drivers basically made a song. Finally, came the long-awaited car reveal. Although the new car’s livery is basically the same as the one from last season, internally, the car has some major performance improvements, as well as some mandated aerodynamic changes brought by the FIA.

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