Meet Your StuCo Block President

Matisse: Good afternoon Fer. 

Fernanda: Hi Matisse. 

Matisse: What do you like most about afternoons?

Fernanda: I like that by the time the afternoon arrives, I usually have a lot of things done. 

Matisse: So, first thing’s first. How does it feel to be the Student Council President of the whole student body? 

Fernanda: It feels good. It is a lot of work, and sometimes it is hard to organize people and events and get everything to run smoothly. It is a worthy and interesting job to do. 

Matisse: How do you deal with time management and the responsibilities you uphold? 

Fernanda: Stuco usually starts the week with Monday meetings or advisory.  During these meetings, we state and plan what we will be accomplishing each week. This quarter we have organized events such as the Family Day Picnic and the Halloween fair. If we need more time, my team (Kiko, Vanina, Daniela, and Adrián) and I see each other after school. We always try to finish everything on time to provide the best experience forthe student body. 

Matisse: So, as President, what are some things your block is trying to change or implement in ACS? 

Fernanda: Right now, we are working on the Halloween fair. After this event, we are planning to create a Christmas activity (a surprise.) We are also planning other activities next semester, such as karaoke night, and a Valentines or Carnival ball. 

Matisse: What is the main issue that you believe ACS has? 

Fernanda: This is not the case for all, but for a community as a whole: we are not as united as we should be. 

Matisse: Do you believe teachers at ACS should change certain aspects? 

Fernanda: Yes. Whenever students have school activities such as the Cougar Cup or Friendship Games, teachers give heavy assignments to students. They should put themselves in our shoes and understand that during events like these, we are extremely busy. 

Matisse: I’m going to ask you some of the questions the student body has for you. Is that okay? 

Fernanda: Yes, of course. 

Matisse: The first question comes from a 12th grader: Teachers do not allow us to put music during breaks, such as brunch. We only want to put music in order to relax, and have a nice time. How will you change this? 

Fernanda: We talked to Mrs. Kershner and obtained permission to put music during lunch and brunch, only near the cafeteria. If you or someone wants to have music during lunch, you can always talk to us and we can tell you where to put music. 

Matisse: The third question comes from a 10th grader: What do you guys use the 10% for? (The 10% is the percentage that each class has to give to the StuCo block after any fundraising event.)

Fernanda: The percentage is used for 1) Organizing upcoming activities. For example, 10% of funds raised from the Halloween fair will be used to organize another event such as the Christmas fair. 2) Reward classes that excel at student council activities. For example, last year, when the 10th graders won the hot-dog contest, a pizza was provided with the money raised to the 10th-grade class.  

Matisse: Last but not least, this question comes on behalf of the whole senior class: Would you guys be willing to create a homecoming for the seniors and highschool in general? If not, please state why. 

Fernanda: As a block, we have already considered this idea and want to either create a homecoming or prom for seniors. We decided on organizing a prom because it would take place at the end of the year and we would have more time to provide a better experience for everyone.

Matisse Lebl

My name is Matisse. I am a senior who loves horseback riding. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is pizza. A word that would describe me would be CRAZYYY.

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