Mercedes New Team and Car Reveal

It comes to no great surprise that reigning champions, Mercedes AMG Petronas F1, are going to up the ante when it comes to their car in the 2021 season. The challenger has been named the Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance. It’s the first Mercedes F1 car to feature the E performance badge. The W12 will take the chassis from the W11 (the 2020 car). However, expect to see changes in engine performance as well as suspension adjustments. In a video released by Mercedes highlighting the details of the release, Allison is heard saying that making the 2021 season car was easier because of the inheritance of multiple parts from the 2020 season car. The release is to happen on March 2nd, so mark your calendars for that day. The car will be piloted by Valterri Bottas and an unconfirmed Lewis Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton’s contract expired this year, meaning that he may continue with Mercedes or move on to another team. Some delays have made the re-contract of Hamilton difficult, including Wolff contracting the coronavirus in early January, however, all signs seem to point towards a re-signing of the champion

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