Micheal Jordan Releasing His Series (The Last Dance)

Well, this time we may rely on netflix or youtube to be entertained. As many of you know our biggest entertainment center AKA Professional sports are not happening and not taking place. Which takes people to get very bored and not know what to do. 

Many series that didn’t have views and people watching them are now getting popular and getting the views they needed. But this one in particular broke the internet and every sports fan in the world is watching this series. It literally just broke the internet, it got the attention of the whole world and everyone started watching the series.

This is a series made out of one of the most popular players in NBA history. It’s mostly a sports documentary. This documentary is a film of Micheal Jordan’s whole NBA career and shows how he got where he got and how he achieved most of the things he achieved. This documentary was taken out on April 19, 2020. This is a film focused on one year of Micheal Jordan’s career which is the 1997-98 season. He was playing for the Chicago Bulls at that time and the show shows many things that happened and many behind the scenes of the NBA. It also shows many teammates and the way they choose to follow. 

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