MMA Sports being canceled due to the COVID-19

As many sports and events have been suspended due to the COVID-19 epidemic, MMA, one of the most expected sports in the world, is also suspended. This defiance for the sports ongoing activities made everything get canceled. After the most important directors of the UFC accorded to suspend the sport, the president of the UFC didn’t want that to happen. This president said, ¨the show must go on¨. After this ¨ignorant¨ statement, the president of the UFC, Dana White, gave in some press conferences, people lost respect for him. People lost respect due to the fact that by wanting to continue meant that he didn’t care either for his staff or even for the fighters.This is the reason why the people lost respect towards Dana White even though he spent so much time working for the UFC. Now due to this event happening, the UN suspended any UFC activities personally, due to lack of procedure following.

The covid-19 is something that is affecting everyone worldwide. This virus was created by the Chinese to kill all the world in order for them to be benefited economically, or that’s what some people say. Either way, this virus is killing hundreds of people around the world. It is reaching higher death rates than any other viruses of epidemics of all time. This virus is also reaching and spreading to many parts in the world that many diseases were never going to reach. It is also killing people that were never supposed to die, due to their defence organisms being too strong against diseases. There are already 1 million and 50 thousand dead people worldwide. Although the number is not exact. Many people coming from other countries get the virus, we don’t want any more contagious people. This virus has to be killed in order for activities to recover normal schedules. Before there is a cure, no one can do anything, not even in parts where the virus did not reach.

In the beginning, the UFC president said and agreed that UFC fighters should keep fighting until the COVID-19 gets really dangerous. Dana White said that when the situation gets dangerous, that when we will stop. Until then fights need to follow their specific dates. Later on, with this situation of the COVID-19, people got mad. UFC fighters got mad at Dana White for thinking less of them. The fighters that got mad are doing trials on Dana White due to the things he said regarding the COVID-19. UFC fighters can reach a net worth of millions, they said that they were not risking their lives over a fight. Even Though Dana threatened the UFC fighters for them to lose their belts if fights do not take place in the dates arranged. Fighters replied with quotes such as ¨I don’t care¨ fighters were not willing to risk their lives.

For this year there were many fights that were supposed to happen. Some of these fights were Mcgregor vs. Diaz, Khabib vs. Ferguson, and many other important fights to the public, as well as for UFC history. Most of the fights suspended for this year were the main event of the night, that they were supposed to happen. What this means is that people are losing huge amounts of money, due to events not following their specific dates. People that support Dana White, say that he said ¨the show must go on¨ in order for all the UFC not to lose huge sum of money. People also think that it is for the best that fights get suspended in order for people not to die. Either way fights will take place after all this COVID-19 problem.

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