Modern Art Through Irregular Methods

Art has been something that has been around for centuries. As time was progressed the definition and the parameters of what art includes have widened, expanded, morphed, and changed. Nowadays, anything that works as an expression of emotion is considered art. For example, in the late 17 century, many paintings and sculptures were basically the parameters that art included, but today, food, clothing, and even movement is art. I believe this to have been an excellent addition to the idea of art due to the fact that just being able to express yourself and your ideas has to be magical.

One of the biggest ways that people express themselves in today’s world is through what they wear. Although you might not see it at first, people choose their clothes and those choices are made through the way they think and what they believe will fit them and their personalities the best. Being able to express yourself in the simplest way of just the clothes you wear every single day.

Next is food. Food is special because not many people practice this form of expression, but, chefs, especially those that are popular and are amazing at what they do, have a specific way of doing so and those who follow them or even enjoy their foods follow things that they make and enjoy viewing and enjoying the foods.

Dance is the final one that I have seen. This is one of the first new additions to the new parameters of art and is one of the most used ones. People enjoy expressing themselves and different emotions through different movements in their bodies and making all of these motions in a single period of time known as choreography. There are competitions that judge the best choreography form a specific person or group and judge the different aspects that are involved in this style of art which makes it highly sought after and enjoyable by the public.

Pablo Echevarria

My name is Pablo Echevarria. I am a Junior who loves downhill. I am from Spain. My favorite food is gyros. A word that would describe me would be extroverted.

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