Movies To Watch In Quarantine… Romantic Comedies

Movies To Watch In Quarantine… Romantic Comedies

Since we are all quarantined, most of us are staying home not knowing what to do. For those of you who do not know what to watch on Netflix, I will give you some movie suggestions!

  1. Easy A                                                                                           

It is a movie about a girl named Olive. She makes up a lie and tells her friend that later on becomes a “big of a deal.” Later on, people give her money to create a rumor about her and them. It is worth watching, since it shows how she falls in love at the end and it’s funny to hear how her friend talks.

  1. Just Go With It                                                                                   

It is a movie about a man called Daniel, who was pretending to be married. One day, he meets a girl who fell in love with him, who later finds out that his marriage was fake. It is funny to watch him lie because he is really bad at it.

  1. Clueless                                                                                                     

It is a movie about a teenage girl named Cher. She is the daughter of a rich family and is very popular in school. Whenever there is a new student in school, she helps them gain popularity and while she helps them, she learns more about herself. It is interesting to watch how the girls are trying to become popular.

  1. 10 Things I Hate About You                                                               

It is a movie about a girl named Bianca. Her sister hates boys and she could not date anyone until her sister started dating a boy. Eventually, Bianca is able to date someone which starts her love story. It is interesting to watch how her sister changes over time. 

  1. The Perfect Date                                                                                       

It is a movie about a boy named Brooks. He has to earn money in order to go to college. One day, one of his classmates comes to the restaurant he works in and begins talking to him about his cousin who needs a prom date. Brooks volunteers saying “I get to make the payment and the car if I take her to the prom.” After that, he decides to create an app where he helps girls and gets money. As a result of this, he is able to find his real love. 


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