Music in Quarantine

The Coronavirus pandemic caused tons of changes in the event schedule of the world. Tons of events have been either canceled, postponed, or simply not being completed. Obviously tons of people are affected by this, so people started to improvise. Whether it is art, sports, music, or basically any activity that has been affected by the pandemic. With sports, athletes have adopted playing and sometimes live-streaming their own sport’s game online, with art it is somewhat similar, but artists would share their work online instead of in-person, and with music, a special and unique approach was taken which was using live-streams to share their talents with their audience.  

This would seem like a normal thing that artists would implement in their schedules, but with most of them being used to having physical shows where they go to a venue to play, it is something very revolutionary that these artists are using, Artists of all types and genres are starting to use this way of ‘communication’, going from reggaeton to electronic music, and every other genre of music you would think of, is being transmitted live these days. 

At first, we started hearing about the balcony cheers throughout Europe’s most affected countries, but people wanted to express their talents to their neighbors and possibly more people. Musicians started to play from their houses, which eventually opened up a surge of them to start playing more and more. Quickly, people started to take advantage of their technology access to express their talents by starting to live-stream them. Again, more and more people started to take inspiration from this and started to follow these people’s practices. Obviously more and more people started to watch these streams, and enjoy them even more. These music fanatics started to ask their favorite artists to do the same, so they responded in doing what the people asked for.

Most people have a very different music taste from others, but some might get a kick out of listening to some new music. Personally, I enjoy electronic music of all types, and thankfully, many DJs and producers have started to broadcast their music weekly. Some of the ones that I enjoy the most are Tomorrowland’s “United Through Music” live-stream that happens every Tuesday starting at 9 am and going until 12. Another really fun stream that is starting to gain popularity is from a special DJ that is from Argentina. This artist includes his whole family in his balcony set, and also the neighbors from the surrounding buildings enjoy the party from their own apartments, which creates a very fun environment, even while listening to the man play from your phone’s speaker. He usually streams through Instagram on Fridays starting at 7 pm for one hour; you can find this artist as “djjuandiedoml” on Instagram. 

Joaquin Balsells

My name is Joaquin Balsells. I am an 11th grader who loves basketball and riding motorcycles. I am from Argentina. My favorite food is a hamburger. A word that would describe me would be athletic

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