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My Fear of Pigeons

Everyone is scared of something or someone. It may be darkness, death, spiders, but in my case it is pigeons. I don’t really know where this fear came from, but it just started to grow within me. Whenever I see one I freeze, start to tremble, and my heart begins to race. Many people have already told me that they, the pigeons, are afraid of me, but I think they know they terrify me. Maybe it is the way they walk moving their necks, their awful noises, that they are dirty, or the simple fact that they pooped on me three times. 


I remember, in sixth grade, I had a classmate that would always make the pigeons come to me. She would scare them in my direction and I would leave running as if my life was in danger. What made my fear even bigger was when I was on the school swings with my friends afterschool, and that classmate appeared. We were all talking and having fun, until many pigeons started to appear. This classmate scared the pigeons in my direction while I was swinging, and the pigeon crashed with my shoe and it’s feather fell out. I got so scared I started to freak out and cry. I had not only just touched one pigeon, but I had hurt it. I didn’t know what was worse at the moment. 


Finally, I still can recall the first time a pigeon pooped on me. I was in Chile at a mall with my family having lunch. As usual, I would get McDonalds, even though I don’t like it anymore. Above us, there were these decorative ropes where many pigeons were standing. I was afraid that they would take my fried chicken, so I kept looking up. The next thing I knew, was that a pigeon had pooped in my head and in all my food. I started to throw up and went to the bathroom to clean up. Since I couldn’t eat my food anymore, my brother had to give me his and he had to get something else. 


I’ve experienced many embarrassing moments trying to get away from those flying rats. I hate them and that classmate that made me go through all of that. 

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